Hello all,

I am borrowing and older Specialized road bike from freind for a tour on Nova Scotia this August.

It has a 6 speed Shimano 105 'Uniglide' Cassette (13-23) and a 52/42 double up-front. I've been training with it in Connecticut and the 23/42 combo just doesn't cut it on the steep hills.

I was thinking about upgrading to this:

But I am told that the 105 derailleur may be a little problematic with the 28t cog... though the guy at Nashbar said it should work. Any thoughts?

If so, I was thinking about maybe just getting a new rear derailleur. the Tourney looks nice and cheap... is this derailleur a bad idea?

I don't want to spend much since I will be only be using the bike a year or so.