I just got off the road from a 6 day supported tour of Norther Wisconsin (beauteous!)
All went well EXCEPT... towards the end, I had noticeable issues with my hands (numbness)
It could be a detailed fit issue, but I'm wondering if the bike I chose (as a terrific deal this winter), a Felt F65, is better suited only for rides up to a day in length (more of a racer)

Also, it is not set up to take any kind of standard rack (not keen on the seat-post rack systems).

I'm not dead set on the bike (it's nice, it's fast, but I'm not racing), so I'm casting around for more comfortable, reasonably priced options (namely steel framed bikes with rack brazeons and bottle bosses, etc)

Also, I dont know if I REALLY need super high end stuff.

LBS now carries JAMIS and I rode a JAMIS Satellite. Very nice bike at a nice price point.

Any comments/experiences with using this bike as day rider/commuter/and ocassional light touring cycle. I like the idea of Steel w/CF fork
It does have SORA, but on a brief test ride, I found it acceptable (vs. Ultegra that I have now)