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    Mounting a front light to a front rack

    Hello everyone -

    I'm getting ready for my first tour...we're riding down the West coast of the US. I'm new to the world of racks and just acquired a Jandd Extreme Front Rack ( Seems like it aught to do the trick.

    Anyhow, in my effort to regain real estate on my handlebars, I'd like to mount a light to the front of my front rack. There are even 2 little holes on the front of the rack (I think they're intended for an "L" bracket to hold a reflector) that should work.

    I'm just not having ANY luck finding a light that I can put there. I can probably rig up some PVC pipe, attach it to an L bracket and strap a handle bar light on that, but I'd rather not.

    Anyone have experience doing this? Ideas and thoughts are welcome.

    Thanks much (in advance)!


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    I've mounted a lumotec lamp to my Jandd extreme. They can be powered by a Schmidt dyno hub, or there's a sidewall generator version as well.

    Depending upon the current light you have, you may be able to fudge something together. The "L" bracket is a good idea, similarly, if using a standard cateye lamp-you can screw the quick release portion onto the rack directly.

    As an aside, consider how much rididing you will be actually doing in the dark/foul weather. If it might be minimal, perhaps consider just keeping a quick release battery operated handlbar type, at hand in a pannier. For more bar mount space options there are those attachable bars (Minaura & Nitto make some) as well.

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