I've gotten a few updates in the last few days on the status of Neil's site and know there is no definitive answer to when it will be back online. Hopefully soon for his sake, those touring and those reading along. I am in awe of this gift that he has given to the touring community and personally think we should declare a holiday in his honor. If for nothing else to make up for his work over the last holiday weekend in trying to get things sorted out.

Nancy and I fly out early in the AM to get our tour of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine underway. To give our friends and family something to look at until our normal journal is available I'll be uploaded occasional photos to one of my image galleries online.

Here's the link: Burlington to Bar Harbor and Back

This tour ends on the 4th of August. See ya back on the forums on the 5th!


Ron & Nancy
Wasatch Mountain Range, Utah
Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine x2
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