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    help: proofread our queue sheet for New London, CT to Boston, MA

    this is my first time routing and i'm not familiar at all with these roads (i'm from NC) and if anyone from the area can help out that would be amazing. we're biking from Raleigh, NC to Boston, MA. I can have internet access like three times (3 days out, 7 days out, and 9 days out) to check up on this. Here is our queue sheet for New London, CT (where we arrive after ferrying in from Long Island) up to cross the body of water, to Providence, RI to Boston, MA. I'm unfamiliar with the roads, and mapped this with regular maps and Please tell me if i routed us on a super dangerous highway!

    New London Ct around the River / Body of Water to go Northeast

    R Water St
    L Broad St
    R William St turns into Old Norwich Rd
    Old Norwich hits Mohegan Ave by Cinderlla Ln / Rowward Rd (32)
    R exit on Lathrop Rd
    L Depot Rd
    R Pink Row Rd
    R Norwich New London Tpke (32)
    R Massapeag Rd
    R Derry Hill Rd
    L Massapeag Side Rd
    R (2A) through Fort Shantok State Park

    River / Inlet Cross Fort Shantok to Providenc, RI

    (2A) / Poquetanuck Rd
    L Hallville -> Poquetanuk Rd
    R Norwich sterly Rd (alternate: School House Rd before)
    L Mattern Rd
    L Ross Rd
    R Doolittle / Ross Rd
    L Preston Plains Rd (164) @ Amos Lake
    R Shetucket Tpke -> Preston City Rd (165)
    ORRRR Jewett Cit Rd R Parks Rd R Browning Rd R Voluntown
    R Beach Pond -> Turns into Ten Rod @ Ct / RI border
    L Nooseneck Rd -> Tiogue Ave
    L Pilgrim Avr
    R Washington => W. Warwick Ave
    R Main St
    L New Lond Ave -> Prov St

    Providence to Boston (Cedar St near MTBA station)

    Broad St (North)
    R Highland Ave
    L Diamond Hill Rd
    R Resevoir Rd -> Hawkins St (South)
    L High St
    L (1A) South St
    L Shear St -> North St - > Needham St -> Seekonk St -> South St
    R Main St
    L Hartford St
    L (109) High St -> Bridge St -> Spring St -> Centre St
    L Columbus Ave -> Tremont St
    L Charles St S
    Cedar St is near Pinkey

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    Hey neat! You're coming through my town (Norfolk MA). Sounds like a great ride.

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