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Thread: Tapping the Sun

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    Tapping the Sun

    Are any of you using solar power to recharge AA's and AAA's to fuel your gadgets and gizmos?

    I'm looking for a simple (and cheap of course!) solution, and think I've found it.

    Any feedback would be most appreciated ;-)

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    You might want to look at this:

    I think there are some inherent problems with solar panels in general:

    It may be difficult to keep it properly oriented towards the sun while riding
    It may not produce sufficient power in less than full sun
    It may be difficult to justify the weight when compared with a few extra batteries

    One advantage of the Flex5 is that it can charge anything that can run off of a car cigarette lighter ie: PDA, phone, battery charger. I'll be trying this in the fall.

    I got one of these on sale for about 40 USD.
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