I'm down to the short list of chores, then we leave in 4 hours. Months of dreaming and planning, a day of packing -- and we're off for the Canadian Rockies, from Portland OR. This is my wife's third tour, she's an inspiration for everybody who wonders if they can do it.

Destination is Banff and Calgary, we'll go up the Lochsa River in Idaho to Missoula, turn left and over Going-to-the-Sun higway. After Calgary, I'm not sure -- either west through BC if we're having fun.... or the fast route back to Montana. Then over the North Cascades in Washington, back home to Portland area. 2500 miles or so, 8 to 10 weeks. I've been looking forward to a "summer off" for years, this is it.

It's not a vacation if you're tethered to a TV or internet... So I won't have a chance to check in. Maybe the world will have resolved itself when we get back. Doubt it...

This forum gives all the advice and anticipation you need to prepare for a tour. It's almost been a second home, for the past few months. See ya on the road.


-- Mark