I just got my new bike, and I haven't even figured out everything that is on it. Hey I ordered it, but it was pretty free wheeling.

I went for bar end shifters, for all the compatability and durability reasons. What interested me was how I would respond to them after 20 years of STI, or at least MTB shifters that eventually became STI. I developed a riding style with the MTB gear that was shifting intensive. Sure I could motor along in the same gear, but particularly in heavy trafic, with lots of stops, I run the gears relentlessly.

So I wondered how I would respond to the much slower bar end style shifters. I did used to have them years ago, pre MTB, when they were the best game in town. Anyway, long story short, adapted to them in a few miles. I don't shift as much, but it isn't a problen really. Just thought it might be of some interest to someone considering the BEs who feel they might be limiting.