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    Co-Motions and Canukia

    Does anyone here own a Co-Motion Americano SS? I am very interested in this bike. Also, has anyone ridden the 200 mile long dirt road (by car or bike) from Labrador to Quebec? I plan on going to Newfoundland/Lab next summer and would like to ride (on my mtn bike) that trail. However, I hear there is a major problem with black flies as well as there being only two rest stops for the whole dirt road.

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    This guy did it.

    I drove the 389 a couple times up to Manic 5, where the pavement ends. There's a restaurant, motel and a small convenience store. There are also the Hydro-Quebec installations where you might be able to get something (I really don't know). The road is very hilly and twisty up to Manic 2, then it's a bit easier to Manic 5. No shoulder but not much traffic either. Watch for logging trucks.
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