I just finished mailing off the deposit for my new touring bicycle that I'm having Sam Whittingham (the worlds fastest man on a bike)of Naked Bikes(letsgetnaked.com) build for me.I can't wait to start riding "Bullshat's Ride" as named by my travelling companion,he says that I am just his motor and don't have the right to name the new steed.Bullshat's Ride will have tandem tubing with 48 spoke wheels from White industries,disc brakes with allowances to put v-brakes on if needed,more braze-ons than I can shake a stick at,heavy duty tough shifting components,MTB gearing for the long hills,S+S couplings for ease of shipping and lotsa other goodies.By the way Bullshat got his name when his buds decided that he was past it and needed to use the past tense of his nickname,after long conversations with him I soon learnt that the name fits.Hopefully when I get the new toy I'll be able to post a picture to this thread.