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    which koga tourer would you choose?


    I am a newbie, and I am in search of a touring bike. After reading some good comments on Koga bikes, I took a look at the 2006 bikes they have on offer, I wonder of these three Koga touring bikes, which one would you pick?

    The link is at

    1-globetraveller (GTE) al frame
    2-worldtraveller (WT) al frame
    3-ranndonneur(RD) steel frame, 700c

    I won't limit my choices to Koga only after all they are rather costly, but as Koga seem to be the higher end of touring bikes, I would like to receive some opinions on their top touring bike lineup.


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    as a steel bike devotee, I'd have to lean towards the RD as it is the only steel frame in the list. More forgiving over the long haul (my humble opinion)

    Not sure what choices you have there in Sweden... but

    I have a Jamis Aurora, and kilo for kilo, dollar for dollar, it is a nice medium range option.
    I know there are several European tour bike builders
    Most old Brit bikes are built in the far east anymore

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