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    A big decision :)

    Ya'll, since I have started riding again on my Trek 7200, I have rediscovered my joy for cycling and I want to do more of it! I know, common problem, yes? LOL

    So, I'm looking at two bikes; A Fuji Tourer and a Bianchi Brava (both 2005 models). Not only do I want to do some touring but the "winning" bike will also enjoy almost daily riding about here in town - to the library, the grocery, stuff like that.

    Lets throw the cost difference out the window and not even consider it. I've riden them both and I like them both. But I can't have both! Which would you choose??

    Thank you all (in advance) for the help - I'm really having a tough time making up my mind.

    p.s. Happy Holidays to all

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    Which Fuji are you looking at? I have a 2005 World, which is the higher end touring bike that was discontinued for 2006 - I simply love it. The Fuji Touring is a nice bike too, but a bit heavier and geared a bit too high for touring IMHO (30/42/52) - but the crankset can always be changed.

    The Brava is a beautiful looking bike, but looks to me like more of a road bike than a touring bike. It's geared like a road bike, I don't think the carbon fork is capable of mounting a front rack and I'm not sure it has the clearance for fenders. For touring a Bianchi Volpe might be a better choice. You might also want to look at a Jamis Aurora, which is in the same price range as the Fuji Touring, Bianchi Brava and Volpe.
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