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    Speaking of randoneuring what's the best lighting system

    Is a hub dynamo the way to go or is a battery operated system the ticket?

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    Check out the Commuting forum. In the most recent lighting threads, someone posted a link to this thousand dollar lighting system. It's battery operated, I believe.

    I'd kill for those lights.


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    A large number of Randonneurs go with the Schmidt hub system, and I have to admit that it casts a lot of light and seems fairly reliable.

    I, however, cannot justify the cost. Up here in Canada, it would likely cost me nearly $500. In the US, I think the system goes for something like $300.

    So I ride with a series of inexpensive battery lights. I use Planet Bike lights for a more "white" light - good for descents - and I use the new Cateye EL 500 for my regular light. That one lasts forever. It does give a bluish glow, which some people don't particularly like ... and the light pattern is in the shape of a cat's head which is great for hallucination purposes late into a ride ... but other than that I'm quite pleased with it.

    One day, though, I would like to get that Schmidt hub.

    Oh yes ... when I did the PBP, we had to go through a bike inspection where they checked our lights. So, that was fine. On the first night I was riding with some of the European people ... and their lighting systems consisted of FLASHLIGHTS taped to their forks ... dim flashlights at that!! I could hardly believe it!! But ... there you go ... another option that will actually pass a bike inspection!

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