Hey Guys, as i wrote before i am planning a Eurotour with my 20 Inch Raleigh Twenty Folder. Having read some discussions here i realize that taking as little as you are happy with is a good idea. I also read that Carradice saddlebags are very good from many perspectives particularly the improved Aerodynamics they offer in comparison to two panniers that hang of the sides of your bike. I reckon it is also easier to balance and manouver if your luggage is mounted right behind you on top of the panier rather than hanging of it. More Aero too (remember i have a 20 inch bike which means the rack, luggage and center of gravity are all low.) So i was thinking, since i don't need much luggage would it be a good idea to mount the following only:

1. Blackburn Mountainrack I (will be somewhat long/high for my Twenty inch so i may mave it modified) i hear these are very good and still affordable, any opinions?.
2. A medium sized waterproof plastic crate/box that comes with lid attached on top of my Mountainrack so it sits low and behind me. When not cycling i can also use this crate to sit on or as a small table. I like the idea that it is cheap and easy to find stuff inside of it.
3. Carradice Pendle saddlebag hanging of my Brooks and hopefully resting on my crate
4. A small Handlebar bag for those items i need often and lots (food, camera etc.) & a Cycling Jersey with back pockets for the same purpose.
5. A Water System like Platypus or such (not sure where i should leave the full bag?!)

This Setup should in theory mean that my bike luggage system is very Aero, sturdy, multifunctional, stable, practical and waterproof. As i am touring in summer with my Hennessey Hammock i may or may not sling a Thermarest on top. But i am quite the Noob to touring and may be missing a lot of things including downsides, any thoughts are appreciated!