I apologize if this is on a wrong forum, but this is a classic trip that is being sponsored by the Province of MaeHongson Province ( Tourism Authority, a government agency). The trip will take 9 days covering 580kms, starting February10th. Very scenic, with plenty of hills to climb, but since daily distance is reasonably small, it is fairly easy, yet exhilarating. The weather should be crisp and cool, with some mist in the early hours. This is a sag ride. Cost will be about US$90.00 with full board. That is $10 per day. I assume that there will be a medical staffed van following the bikes as well. You'll need to bring sleeping bag, but tents will be provided. I'm negotiaing with the organizer to drop my baggage at hotel or guest house every afternoon, and pick them up in the morning ( I'll pay my hotel bills myself). BTW I've done most of this loop last October, at a faster pace, but the slower pace will not bother me since I'll be with my buddy this time. If any body is interested, please kindly post, and I'll come back with contact details. This is a non commercial trip. It's aimed at promoting tourism for MaeHongson Province.