's a long drawn out story for all of you.

Last summer, my friend was about to go on a tour of Europe. Thing is, he doesn't have a lot of money and his old 10 speed was kinda beat to hell. So I go into my local thrift store and I see a decked out dark green Schwinn Voyageur, for $15. It has Shimano BioPace chainrings (bleh) and a Campagnolo rear derailleur. Now I wanted a dark green touring bike sooooo bad. And this was a cream of the crop bike and I knew that. But I figured, hey, I'll buy it for Chris and sell it to him. Anyway, I go to call him but it turns out he was able to hook up a raleigh (us Delaware kids one the frame in the Richmond Cycle Slaughterama). Anyway here's where **** gets stupid on my part.

My friend, who's car is crap is in desperate need of a bike. Now, instead of keeping this amazing touring frame and giving him a Nishiki 10 speed, I decide I like the 10 speed and sell him the touring bike. He rides it a little but hes not really a bike person, at least not "posting on a bike forum" type bike person. So anyway it kind of lingers in his basement and eventually he has to give our friend the front wheel (as he ran over our friend's bikes front wheel). So anyway it lingers in his basement more and more and I slowly regret it more and more. I've been working on turning an old Schwinn MTB into a touring frame. Then a few days ago I ask about it and he says maybe I can get it. Then he manages to lose one of my books so I offer an ultimatum. I say, instead of repurchasing that book for me, I'll trade you that book, and this red 80's trek road frame I have for that Schwinn Voyageur. Well I trade it to him and now I have the Voyageur back, and my huge regret is reversed.

So for a question:

How much do you think this Schwinn Voyageur is actually worth?

It has:

A blackburn rack
Shimano BioPace triple (to be replaced)
Campagnolo Rear Derailleur (5 speed, Indexed)

and all the trimmings like front and rear rack mounts and fender mounts and three bottle cage bosses. I think I'm going to replace it with a decent MTB triple crankset (probably 48-38-28), some old barcon shifters, and a new freewheel.

You'll get some pictures when I get batteries for my camera.