Also posted in the MTB forum, but seems like this applies just as well here. Apologies for the redundancy.

You guys don't appear to have a trade thread, so I'll just throw this out and see what happens. The BB is FAR too wide, I just installed the thing and realized I've been smoking way too much. (Trust me, looking at a freshly installed BB that's almost a full centimeter too wide is not the best time to have that thought.) I'm a little guy, so what is an irrational Q-factor for me is likely small fries for someone around here.


Have: Phil Wood BB, stainless steel, 119mm (R+4). Installed, heavenly, buttery, single-digit miles, way too wide.

Want: Same but <111mm. Maybe something comparable? (Still want the Phil BB, but if it takes a few jumps to get there....)


Have: 2002 Ultegra Triple (V1 spline), 175, well-scratched, ~5000 miles touring. Middle ring is well-worn, inner and big rings are close to untouched by chain.

Want: Ultegra Double (V1 spline), 165-167.5, whatever cosmetic condition, rings unimportant.

Thanks for reading.