Raleigh Super Course I just won this frame. It will be my tourer. I am only decided on a 2 bold seat post and friction shifters, and rolly polly tires. I allready have a Honey Brooks Swift. Can somebody please tell me what I have gotten my self into? I would like to know what is worth spending money on (campy) and where suntour or whatever, is fine. I have never done this before. I was thinking of geting a sungio tripple for the front from Rivendell. What would be a good front derailur? Somebody suggested a suntour cyclone for the back I think. Any advice on aquiring good wheels would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea how to match a wheel with a cogset. Anything else I should know? I am going middle of the road, trying not to spend more than the frame on any 1 component, except for the tires. Good karma to anybody who helps! Ty