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Thread: The Yes Ride

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    The Yes Ride

    A group of college students have created a cross-country bicycle ride to fight global poverty. The Yes Ride ( will begin in Seattle Washington on June 1st 2006 and end July 27th 2006 in Boston Massachusetts. This event is fully supported and participants will be staying at schools and clubs along the route. The Yes Ride is built by the compassion of strangers and the determination of participants, volunteers, and donors.

    There are two goals for this event. First, our organization seeks to net an excess of 200,000 dollars for our four beneficiaries. Second, our organization seeks to create a moving monument that motivates humanity to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. This monument will be 4,300 miles long and it will involve 50 young people who are devoting their lives to assisting the forgotten people in the world. This event is not just a bike ride; it is an event that will save lives in the Third World and transform them in the First.

    Additional information about the Yes Ride can be obtained at .

    We welcome participants to ride with us for any duration of the event. Come ride a weekend, a week, or a month; we can work with your schedule to create the ultimate adventure to end extreme poverty.

    If you have any questions about this event, my contact information is provided below.

    Thank you for your contribution to change the world through cycling.

    Chris Markl
    709 Baseline Road
    Boulder, CO 80302

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    Too cool! Good for you! I've saved your link to my favorites so I can figure out if I can join you for a small part of your longer journey - via bike and/or $$$. Godspeed.

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