Iíve done a lot of touring, and Iím kind of ready to bring it up to being for a bigger thing than just bein an awesome bike bum. Iím the San Francisco Bay Area, and my and my friend are going to ride from Seattle this summer down to LA, cept there will not be a whole lot of coastal action going on. Sheís doing it for college credit, Iím doing it for a photographic series.

Simple question is, Iím looking at the option of whoring myself out for a greater cause. Is there any charity that would Sponsor us? Of course a lot of the money we would raise would go towards the charity, we just need something for food and what naught.

I would just go out and earn money for myself, but seeing as my riding partner is new, Stealth Camping every night and and selling photographic prints on the side of the road wouldnít be a good introduction to touring.

As a example of my experience with these kind of digs, when I road south from Seattle to SF last summer, I spent $150 total for the entire month, and $128 of that was raised along the way (by work, donations, selling prints of photography, which was really crappy digital stuff).

Iím sure with a charity under my belt, I could raise over five times that amount of money.