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    Southern Tier: Gulf States/Katrina Update?

    I'm planning a west to east, coast to coast unsupported camping tour starting in April. I haven't had much luck finding info on the road conditions/lodging along Adventure Cycling's Southern Tier.

    The route itself is 100% open, but there are conflicting reports on the condition of the roads. Also, I heard many campgrounds are full capacity because of temporary workers and refugee victims.

    Anyone live along this route or planning this trip that could give me a first-hand report or advice? Thanks.

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    Sorry. Not a first hand report exactly, but on my tour during/after Katrina last year, I stayed for a few days at Joe Wheeler State Park in northern Ala.
    I read in a little local paper that FEMA was putting in 80 trailers there to house people. It was scheduled for the weekend that I left there and I didn't see that happen.
    Certainly something to consider.
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