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    Panniers for Overnighters & Commuting

    I am looking at the Ortlieb Biker Packer Plus as my first set of panniers to use to commute and for one or two night local trips. I will not be carrying any mass amount of bike spare parts or clothing.

    Sleeping Bag
    Personal Hygene Kit
    Compact Stove w Titanium Pot
    Extra Socks
    Rain Pants depending on weather
    Shirt / Sweater
    Shorts / swim trunks.

    My question is: Just using a rear set of panniers with a handlebar bag can I expect weight and balance problems?


    What are the recommended loading options.

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    You might be a little light on the front wheel and get a bit of wig wag while pedaling, but you're talking basically a little more load than you'd carry on a randoneur event running a couplke of days with a similar config.
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    Handlebar bags always cause some balance problem from their location but they remain extremely useful and enjoyable. I did tons of trips using only my rear panniers and had no problem... I am a big guy with a big bike however... but then my very small partner (only a 100 pounds and riding a fairly small bike with short chainstays) did her first tour last year using exactly that: a handlebar bag and rear panniers... she packed very light (I was carrying most of the gears) and had no problems although she really didn't like having too much weight in her handlebar bag.

    My guess is that as long as you pack light and that your bike is lomng enough, you should not have any problem. As a kid, I packed everything for my camping trips on the rear rack of my mountain bike and did experience some problems when accelerating... but I was carrying a coton tent and tons of old and heavy gear... I was also much stronger and my bike shorter.

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    I love the metal rack and metal panniers that attach to my rack. Cost only $25 at Western Auto and stronger than anything on the market. Use waterproof stuff sacks to keep stuff from getting wet. Will add about 2 pounds of weight to your bike.

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