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    Recommendation for touring bike?

    Iím looking for a new Touring bike to use for commuting (20 miles each way,
    carrying a bicycle garment bag and briefcase) and light-touring/credit-card
    touring (to carry rear panniers and possibly a handlebar bag). One day it
    may be used for fully-loaded self-supported touring.

    I already have a 1983 Trek 620 touring bike (similar to the current 520, and
    weighs about 30lb) that Iíll continue to use for fully-loaded touring. But,
    I like the speed of my nimble little 20lb, 47cm Trek 1500wsd road bike which
    is the reason Iíve decided that I need a 3rd bike that would be a compromise
    between them Ė a lightweight but durable classic-style touring bike that
    will speed up my long commutes. Although I donít intend to use the new bike
    for fully-loaded touring, I may do so in the future.

    Some criteria: preferably an aluminum frame, 700c wheels, wide gear range
    including an excellent hill-climbing gear. I definitely want a true touring
    bike (as described at,
    not a road bike. I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds so a lightweight bike with a smaller
    frame with suitably-sized crank, brake levers, etc is important.

    As far as budgetÖ. canít afford a Bruce Gordon but want something better
    than a Trek 520. So probably around $1400-$1600. One consideration is the
    Cannondale T2000 but I can't find any reviews on it and can't find a shop
    within 100 miles that carries it so it would have to be ordered
    sight-unseen. I live in Vancouver, BC.

    Does anyone have an opinion on the T2000 or any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Oh yes you can afford a Bruce Gordon at . The BLT I got was $1600.00 right off the showroom floor. Actually off the floor. I live near his shop and I bought his demo bike. A couple of hundred more for a rear rack. He is a good guy, if not the most chatty type, and has helped me several times since then. He TRUELY appreciated people who use his bikes a lot instead of letting them just sit around. Someone out there might even have gone insane and want to sell a used one. A Bianchi Volpe would be a less expensive alternative.
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    You might want to consider the Marinoni Ciclo Alu or Ciclo Alu Extra. It's an aluminum sport touring bike--it might be the right blend of light-weight aluminum performance and touring features. I've seen the Alu online for $1600 with Campy Mirage (but I'm not sure if this was USD of CND), and I believe there are a couple of shops in Vancouver that sell Marinoni. OTOH, if you're not wedded to the idea of an aluminum frame, there are lots of options in that price point for a great steel bike. FWIW, If I were dropping $1600 on a bike, it would probably be a Burley Vagabond.

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