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    Tired of eating the same old c--p?


    In preparation for my own C2C, I've spent 18 mo. reading all sorts of journals on touring self-contained and scouring web sites for food/recipe/meal planning and preparation. Most folks have a personal preference or routine for 'first breakfast' and 'lunch' ... me, I look forward to the end of each day to settle in Camp and have a simple but wicked tasty supper. Sometimes this is a quiet solo event, sometimes shared with new friends in a biker/hiker section. Cooking and dining can be a great time to swap stories, suggestions and intel about the way ahead.

    Over on GCOAB I've been building an open Journal to compile the results of all this 'homework.' Take a look and via the Guestbook add your own suggestions and sources.

    Here's the link:



    Send PM with your critique.

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    One of the meals I've found for home, that would make an awesome soup base camping/touring, is the Bear Creek line of dehydrated soups. They're REALLY GOOD (all-caps good) and come dehydrated for super easy transport. maybe boil up some noodles for extra carbs and you're sitting pretty for dinner.

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