A friend and I are doing the Adventure Cycling North Lakes loop in July and could use some help. We start in Ludington Michigan and go counter-clockwise around upper lake Michigan on the AC route. When we reach Escanaba the route goes west away from the lake and we would like to stay with the lake to Manitowoc, which shortens the trip (keeps us in our 2 week window) and should be a nicer route.

My question is two fold:

1. Is the a creative way across Green Bay to the Door Peninsula? The Door Peninsula looks from the maps to be a neat place to ride and it avoids the City of Green Bay. Green Bay may be a great city to cycle through, but in general I try to avoid cities of that size.

2. If I can't find a boat, ferry, hot air balloon across the bay, we will continue south through Green Bay again to Manitowoc. Here is where I can use some help with routing through the city and beyond.

Any Wisconsin / Northern Michigan cyclist out there that can help out?

Thanks in advance, Greg