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    T800 sizing question

    hi folks,

    im about to go on a tour - im leading a trip cross country with teenagers. If anyone knows of 14-18 who are looking for 2 month summer plans see
    anyway, i need a new bike and i can get pro deal cannondales and im thinking of the t800. im really tall 6-4, and my inseam is 35.5 inches.
    i cant tell if i should get the X or J size bike. im kind of in the middle of those and my local bike store is no help (they dont carry touring bikes),
    the website has the geometries of both:
    if anyone has some experience or comments, i would love to hear them. i know its a personal preference, but im torn,
    jeff borland

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    I picked up a used XL T800 and am 6'2'' with a 34'' inseam. If I were to do it again I'd try to get a bigger frame. This one works ok, but I think the bigger frame would be better, especially for a bigger person like you. If you can try and ride both of them.

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