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    Re: Shipping bike box in Europe

    Hey All:

    I am headed to Europe for a one way tour starting in Frankfurt and ending in Vienna. From Vienna we are then taking the train down to the Croatian coast for a few days of sun and sand.

    I recently purchased a hard shell bike box for my new Carbon Trek and would prefer to take this on the trip as opposed to relying on being able to find a cardboard box for shipping in Croatia.

    Has anyone shipped their bike box ahead of them for the end of the trip. If so, is there a cost effective way of doing this? UPS??? Airline ship to departure airport???

    OR would this be more trouble than its worth and should I stick to finding a box in Croatia?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check out

    They are the shipper the online firm I buy bike parts from in Germany uses. They have very good rates and they deliver to home (or hotel) addresses.

    Avoid UPS like the plague.
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