Hey there,
I'm planning a cross-country tour this summer and Iím hoping to find another cycling nut or two to join me. My current plan is to ride from Chicago to Carbondale Il and to then ride from Carbondale to the west coast via the TransAmerican Bicycle Trail. I am however open to other ideas, so if you have a better idea for a bike tour and can convince me that it will be cooler than my current plan feel free to do so. I'm also toying with the idea of riding across Canada instead, although I havenít really researched a rout through Canada as of yet. I've heard that there are more youth hostels in Canada and therefore more opportunities to meet other interesting, traveling folk, so if any one has any experience in touring through Canada i'de be glad to hear it.

I have not set an exact departure date as of yet, but I will be leaving some time between June 1st and June 15. I plan on flying back from the west coast no later than mid august.

I'm a pretty strong cyclist and plan on riding around 80 to 100 miles a day although I realize that this number will probably decrease some when I reach the more mountainous terrain that is so foreign to us Midwesterners. As for sleeping arrangements, I plan on camping for the majority of the trip.

A little bit about me and my cycling habits and history.
I just graduated from UIC with a degree in kinesiology (which I believe roughly translates to the study of knees) and am really craving a bicycle adventure as a way to clear my head before I start grad school. I'm an avid bicycle commuter which is partly facilitated by the fact that I don't own a car. I've also ridden in a several alley cat races and ride in the frozen snot century (a two day ride from chi town to Milwaukee and back in February) every year.
Some other interests include ice hockey, triathlons, chess, reading, listening to NPR, and watching elimidate (itís so brainless that it makes a great study break plus it's so awful and makes me cringe so much that I just can't turn it off).

So, if you think you might be up for such an adventure let me know and perhaps we can go for a ride sometime and see if we think we'll be able to stand each other day in and day out for 2 months. i've found that most bike folk are really excellent peple and easy to get along with so i'm sure this wont really be much of a problem.