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    Ground zero build

    Been assessing the situation, and I'm back to square one. I had my route all mapped out, found a GPS to play with on the ride, tuned up the bike, loaded the panniers, but before heading out wanted to do a shake down ride. Went out for a century, but 40 miles into it the rapid fire shifter blew up, okay, it fell apart and there were no screws or any way to put it back together. So I was stuck in the mid gears, with the chain rings, essentially 3 gears for the rest of the ride. I turned back making it home on the three gears, and 60 miles.
    I have too many bikes. I look at the Trek 7500, and wonder. I have been trying to get it together for touring. There has been one tour that it worked well for me and has been a bane since, and everything I do just makes it more a bane. ARGHH! I've changed gearing, tires, rear deraillure, my fingers go numb on the bar, so change the bar, at the moment it's an old Scott TT bar (butterfly bar). I've raised the stem, changed the seat, the pedals, the brakes.
    So I have looked at the many bikes I have for a ground zero build up. The best frame I have in my collection of yet to builds is a Cannondale MTB frame, well other than the 7500. I haven't seen reviews on the shifters, the deraillures, the cranks, bottom brackets everyone is using or has encountered. I'll search more, but given the chance to change or upgrade the mechanics of your tourer, what would you change, to what and why?
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    Look at all the Surly LHT build threads. A new frame is 150-350 if you can find one at this time of year.

    LX 8 speed hubs, derailleurs, bar-end or downtube shifter. Cork tape and gloves. 287 levers and didgit 7s or some decent cantis. I've never had really big name cranks, and have always used square end BBs. I use alex rims.

    You want to go fancy: DT hubs; Phill BB; same brakes as above of discs, or Pauls; Velocity rims, 105 cranks...

    B-17 seat.

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    Bar end shifters. Why? Becuase of all the bike parts I've worked on, bar end shifters are by far the least likely to fail. Deore rapid fire with MTB set ups.

    Tektro cantilevers, Onyx, or Deore V-btrakes, depending on your brake levers.

    Deore LX rear derailer, Deore or Tiagra front-- best performance for the money.

    8 speed MTB cassette and chain (SRAM)

    Brookes or San Marcos saddle (rolls)

    I'm a big believer in Sun CR-18 rims. Mavic rims are better, I'm running MA-3 on my bike currently, but CR-18s are about the cheapest rim out there, and it's track record for touring and MTBs is very good.

    I hate treaded headsets.

    Sugino 110 cranks, (used Shimano 110 work great as well)

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