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    24" Fuji Absolute -- Old School


    Found this at an auction website (see foto below). The bike,
    Fuji Absolute, is listed as a 24 inch size. Does anyone know
    roughly the stand over height? I thought I would ask before
    I drive for an hour to get there.

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    just on average, considering where the top tube intersects the head, in realation to the downtube... I'd say 31+"
    I'm just thinking of what mine looks like (the 'space' between TT and Down tube at the head tube)
    BUT... there are other factors
    Ask the seller to measure from the floor to the top of top tube... make sure tires are inflated

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    This is a police-auction bike, so I don't think the
    auctineer would agree to do the measurement for
    me over the phone. My inseam is 30.5 inches with
    my shoes on; so if you are correct about it being
    31 inches, this bike should barely fit me.

    This bike comes with four other bikes of Huffy-persuasion.
    The lot is currently bidding at $20, but it might very
    well go up. I was thinking about selling the four Huffy
    bikes to pay for refurbishing the Fuji bike, if I win the

    What do yall think? Good deal? Good bike for touring
    and/or commuting? Will I be able to find parts that
    fit this classic?

    Thanks for reading.

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