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    Trek 7900 as a touring bike?

    I have a Trek 7900 "MultiTrack" hybrid that I have put drops and barcons on. I use it mostly for commuting and I am interested in touring with it but would like information regarding the strength and durability of the frame for carrying loads. Before I load it up and hit the road, possibly damaging the frame or creating a hazard, does anyone have any info either good or bad as to whether the 7900 would be suitable for heavy loads and self-contained touring?

    Thanks, in advance, for any input.

    Don Johnson

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    Any reasonable quality hybrid bike is strong enough for loaded touring; it is only ultra-lightweight racing frames which are too lightly built to carry luggage.
    For camping, you may want to shift some of the load to the front forks on low-rider racks. It is rare for hybrid bikes to come with low-rider threadings, you may need to solve that one somehow.

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