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Thread: First Tour

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    First Tour

    I did my first tour this week! Cincinnati, OH to Athens, OH. All went well on the way there, and I had -perfect- fall weather. The way back however, was very interesting. About 25 miles from Athens (heading back to Cincinnati), I couldn't pedal anymore. After hitching to Chillicothe, the LBS told me the inside of the hub was almost completely stripped. They were able to tighten it really hard, and I was able to pedal. I got a ride back to Cincy though, because I didn't want to risk get stranded on the back roads. Kind of wierd, considering I only had about 500 miles on the bike, a cdale T800. Could it have anything to do with the load on the bike? Hopefully warranty will cover this. Anyway, it was definately an adventure and I'm eager to try it again.
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    I occasonally ride the bike trail, especially when looking for a long flat ride, but I've never rode further than Xenia from Cincinnati. How far is it to Athens from Loveland and where did you spend the night? Sorry to hear about your pedal problem.

    Sam in Cincy

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