Will be arriving in Montevideo on October 31st, the weather should be perfect that time of the year. Might make a 2 week side trip to northeast Argentina and Paraguay. I'm experienced, as I have toured in Argentina and Uruguay three times previously. All countries have friendly people and are inexpensive. Average cost per day, without cutting corners or scrimping, should be $25-$30 for food and lodging (private room with bath). Planing on averaging 50 miles per day at a leisurely pace of 12 mph on a hybrid bike. The terrain will be predominately flat but not boring. Out of necessity there will be a few short bus trips. There will also be a few rest days.

I'm flexible on the route as I take one day at a time, but have a general idea as to overall destinations. You're welcome to join me for part of the trip if your time is limited. If interested you can contact me directly at "robertbwhite@hotmail.com".