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    I just saw this handlebar on a CrazyGuy journal. It looks like a great solution to my sore hands problem.

    The palms of my hands always get sore when I ride - specifically, right in the middle of my palms at the base of my hand (does that describe it adequately?) On my last long tour (two weeks) my left palm went numb and I didn't regain feeling until a few weeks after the tour was over.

    I just bought an Aztec bar-wrapping kit (Aztec Vibewrap) with some interesting padding. It helped a bit, but the problem still seems to be that the bar is round and is concentrating the pressure on one spot on my palms. My most comfortable (except for my palms) riding position is on top of the bars with my fingers going around the outside top of the bars, touching the brake hoods with my fingertips.

    The FSA K-Wing looks like it has flat, broad sections on the top of the bar to spread the pressure over more of your palms. Additionally, it's carbon, so it's supposed to dampen vibrations, further adding to the comfort factor.

    I'd order one tomorrow, in spite of the high cost ($229) except for a couple of reservations. 1) Will it fit my stem? Is it a standard size, or do I need something special? I have an old Nashbar touring bike with an old-fashioned quill stem. 2) Is it tough enough for extended touring by a big (6'4", 210 lbs.) guy?

    Does anyone know anything about these handlebars?


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    Look at flat bars and trecking bars, ouch, I think you can find someone who is comfortable on just about anything. I wear the leather and cotton cycling gloves. Old fashioned I know, but I find the bar doesn't feel roud, flat, or sharp in those things not as shock abosorbant as the lycra and sorbothane, maybe, but good armour.

    I also get the feeling a lot of people don't like carbon for touring, though it ought to be one of the few things that can take the cycles to failure, IF the load take off was well engineered. And a lot of road bar touring folks don't seem to like the techno shaped bars, since they provide defined positions, while a rounded bar or rondoneur bar may allow more hand positions.

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