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    Restricted diets

    Next year I will tour with a group of people, some who will have special diet needs (low sodium and such). I've done one self-supported tour in which I cooked/camped, but could rely on some prepackaged foods (my favorite was a form of Lipton cheezy rice that I added a can of chicken into). Being alone, it didn't mattter what I ate. Now that I will be in a group, there will be restrictions on what others can eat and a lot of prepackaged foods will be out of the question. Fresh will be the rule rather than canned.

    While I anticipate some nights of hitting restaurants, I was wondering if there are any tips people in similar situations can pass along? I believe we will be passing through towns where we will be able to get groceries. Also, are there any recipes that you swear by that are easy to prepare? While I like oatmeal, I don't want to be eating that every meal.

    We haven't broken down our lists yet, but I anticipate having one or more backpacking stove and possibly a grill rack that could be placed over a fire.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Even in small towns, grocery stores have come a long way in the last 10 years in terms of their offerings for vegetarians and restricted dieters. And small food co ops can pop up in places you least expect them. I would find out what coops, health food stores, and restaurants exist along your route before you embark.
    This site is intented for veggies, but pretty much any place on it would be restricted dieter savvy as well. It lists both grocers and restautants.

    As far as recipes, I would buy a low sodium cookbook and modify the recipes so they're travel friendly.

    And salt free Spike and Bragg's liquid aminos are the low sodium dieter's best friends.

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