In December, 2006 I'm embarking on a cross country ride to raise awareness and nonpartisan support for our troops involved in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm calling the ride Trek 4 the Troops, and I welcome you to read more about it at

What makes this ride different from other cross-continental awareness/fund raising rides?

The ride will be done solo, without a support vehicle, on a fixed-gear. Thatís right, FIXED GEAR! To the best of my knowledge only a select few have ever traversed the continent on a fixed-gear, and some might say that the attempt is crazy.

Iíll be following a fairly southerly route from San Diego to Savannah, and I welcome anyone/everyone to ride along should I pass through your area. Fixed gear bikes not required! Iíll be updating the ride website every day, and who knows, maybe your picture will show up there.

In the meantime, please visit and see how you can help in the effort to support our service men and women serving our country in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iím not soliciting funds or donations directly. I have no way (or desire) to handle donations of cash. I'm just trying to raise awareness and support for the many fine organizations that are doing a wonderful job supporting the troops. Please take a look at all the ways you can help, and help however you can.

If you want to help out my effort, I'd welcome a note of encouragement. You can email me at or send me a message from the ride website.