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    Touring Highway 3 - -

    Well, since there's been a thread on touring Highway 1 and Highway 2, I thought I'd ask about Highway 3. You know - kinda like "Let's Make a Deal!" There are a lot of Highway 3s - and I'll just list a couple in North America - but I hope to get info on Highway 3s all over the world.

    Here are a few of my picks:

    Yukon Highway 3 - The Haines Highway - Spectacular, remote, connecting Haines, Alaska with the Alaska Highway. Tundra, free cabin at Nadahini Creek. Access to Kluane National Park at Kathleen Lake.

    Alberta & British Columbia Highway 3 - The Crowsnest Highway - A gentle crossing of the Canadian Rockies. Great mountain backcountry if you get off onto dirt roads. The Kettle Valley Trail in BC is world famous. All the tourists go through Banff.

    New Hampshire U.S. 3 - Way up north in the Upper Connecticut River Valley. Very rural with surprisingly light traffic. Covered bridges and small towns. Can loop into Quebec and Maine for an international tour.

    California Highway 3 - Stunning scenery and light traffic in the Trinity Mountains of Northern Cal. Still haven't done it, but it's definitely on the list. Would love to hear from anyone who has.

    Kentucky Highway 3 - A remote stretch of road along the Kentucky / West Virginia border following the Little Sandy and Tug Fork Rivers. There's an awful lot of poverty, but the people are generous and welcoming. I've been taken in more than once cycling through here.

    Pic - - Three Guardsman Pass on the Haines Highway in the Yukon
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