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    looking for a place to live/community

    Hi, I'm posting this here because I've gotten some great advice here in the past. This isn't about bikes but I figured tourers will have had the most information with national forests and perhaps also with communities. It's also sort of a DIY life-situation sort of thing, and you guys and gals have tended to be pretty creative in that realm.

    I'm asking for advice regarding a situation in which Me and my friend Alex would like to find ourselves in. For the past few months we've been road-trippin', visiting various "intentional" communities and camping out in national forests. We're getting tired of traveling, not having a home. We have become somewhat dissilusioned with joining a community of people out there who are open to truthspeaking (what we call emotional honesty and responsibility) and personal growth. We're also realizing that, even though we've grown a lot by being around each other and learning quite a bit about ourselves and cooperation, we cannot fulfill each other's social needs.

    We've been brainstorming on what we can do about this. Some things that we came up with were: to get an appartment/cabin/land near/in a town, that is also near public forest land. And get part-time jobs! Most importanly, we are trying to create a situation in which a community of people and other relations can form around us. We've also thought about continuing to search for communities. So any advice would be appreciated - expecially about places that have that kind of a mix - public forest land/civilization. Or anything else!
    p.s. our travelogue is
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    You might try wwoofing (see We met a Dutch couple who spent several months volunteering in Europe. If you are a good worker the farm you work on may offer a small stipend as well.

    Good luck
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