I recently purchased a new road bike (Spec Allez Elite -steel version) that I do a majority of my riding on. I'm beginning to look for a 2nd bike that I can use for a "beater" bike for riding when conditions aren't the best (rain, etc). I most likely will persue a used bike if possible because I need to keep the money as low as possible since this is a second bike. No overnight tour plans.

I'd want a steel frame
I'd prefer the road style bike
I'd like a bike that will accept fenders (front and rear)
I'd need a rear rack (never haul over 25 pounds)
Somewhat comfortable upright riding position

What would you suggest since the money supply is very low? Is eBay the best chance of finding used? Here are some of the touring/light touring bikes models that I've come across:

Trek 520
Bianchi Velope
Novara Randonee
Jamis Aurora
Fuji Ace / Touring

Other models and suggestions welcome

Thanks In Advance