Hey all,

I am new here but wanted to tell you about a music/cycling tour I will be doing this summer. Yes music and cycling, guitar and camping gear all strapped to the old bike! The tour is huge, 4 months across Canada, from BC all the way to Nova Scotia, some 6500km all told. The tour aims to promote sustainable transport and heallthy living, and of course having a good time playing music!

Since the tour is run, booked, organized by just two of us I was looking for ideas, cycling clubs, sustainable transport groups, anything that would fit our tour goals mentioned above. I have done long cycling trips before through Mexico, Eastern Europe, Atlantic Canada so I am an avid cyclist all ready so I have a pretty good idea about the biking part, but would love to hear of anything a little out of the ordinary out there!

You can read more about the tour here: www.derekolive.com or www.myspace.com/derekolive

I look forward to hearing some of you ideas!