Good evening,

First time posting here. I've been looking to buy a road bike, but I came across this Raleigh Tour bike that has everything I've pretty much been looking for in a bicycle: steel, 10-speed and braze-ons (I'm assuming all tour bikes have these?)

My concern is the ride, will it be sluggish going up steep hills in SF compared to a road bike? I'd like to use it as a commuter and also take it over the bridge to Sausalito and beyond, so I'm thinking the tour bike is best suited for this. Does anyone else ride a Raleigh tour bike or even better, does anyone ride a touring bike in SF that could shed some light on this situation?

By the way, I'm hoping to take it out for a test ride tomorrow, Monday, after work so I'll be checking this thread frequently.

Thanks in advance for any advice.