I've two bikes I've purchased used a 1984 Trek 560 and a Mid80s CDale (not sure of the actual model number but the components are LX.)

Both are canti and given the dislike of the Helico Matic hubs on the Trek I've already swapped it with the XT wheelset that was on the CDale.

The question I have is should I (or would you) swap the rest of the LX components from the CDale onto the Trek (which is the bike I want to keep for touring.) I'm really not sure if I even plan to keep the CDale.

The Trek for the most park is Sugino Cyclone MKII. (Although I've already replaced the downtube shifters with thumbshifters.)

The other part of my concern is that the new(old) LX wheelset is 7 speed and the old Helico Matic wheelset was 6 speed.

Thanks, Scott