I am looking at either getting some Time Axion touring pedals or some Crank Brothers Quattro pedals. I would like to know what the pluses and minuses are of these two systems.

I am going to put them on my bike that I use to pull my kids around on (one is in a trailer and the other is on a trail a bike). We will often stop at a park, so walking in the shoes is important. I also will sometimes use the bike to go on some forest roads. However I am not one to go riding on dirt roads when they are muddy, so clearing out mud and other debri from the pedal is not a concern for me. I am concerned about hot spots which is why I am looking at pedals with platforms. I also like float in my pedals. I am a roadie and so I tend to look at things from a roadie point of view, and not a mtn bike point of view.