I'm trying to set up my Trek 1000 for touring. Miraculously, it seems that in fact I will have enough heal clearance for my panniers in spite of my small (47 cm) frame.

So my next questions are:

1) The wheels have 32 spokes. Will this be strong enough? I weigh 170 pounds. Rims: Alexrims AT 450. Tires: Bontrager Select K with kevlar, 700 x 28. I will strive to carry light panniers because I'm not fit enough to haul around 100 pounds. I never carry cooking equipment. I will most likely not use front panniers.

2) Can I put fenders on this bike? Looks like a very tight fit between the tire and the frame, especially as I got the largest tires that will fit on this bike, and I don't see a way to attach them to the brake bolt. Would I need a longer bolt?

3) I don't want to give up the bar-top brake levers. I have a handlebar bag that will fit the available space between the brake levers and the cables. But the bag support won't fit the angle of the adjustable stem. Can I alter the support, or make a new one? Use the existing support and find another way to attach it to the handlebar? Or is there some other way to attach the bag?

I was thinking of going to a local metal worker and asking him to design a new support.