The stock Ritchey OCR wheel (700c) that came on my 2001 Jamis Aurora has finally given up the ghost. I milked over 10,000 miles of commuting and touring out of them, but even with careful maintenance, bearings are tougher to get adjusted just right and I noticed hairline cracks starting in the drive side rim holes.

My wife and I are planning the Trans-Am for 2008, (hers is a 2005 Aurora, same wheel) so I need some suggestions for a couple of strong, moderately priced 36H wheels. I build my own, so I'm looking for components, unless I can find a screaming deal on a complete.

1) Double-butted spokes are a given, any good on-line sources?

2) Dyads seem like a good rim? (I liked the neutral dishing on Ritchey's Off Center Rim/hub though)

3) 105 or LX grade hubs; my dropouts are 130mm, I don't really want to spread to 135. I know 105's are a fit, but will they hold up? LX's are 135mm, does this mean everyone running these have 135mm spacing?