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    Route through Santa Susana Pass (Los Angeles)

    I would like to know more about a possible route from Ventura to Woodland Hills via Santa Susana Pass. The route appears to turn out of Santa Susana pass onto Box Canyon road and then down into the valley via Valley Circle.

    I have been through Santa Susana pass before but I didn't take Box Canyon road.

    Any information would be useful.


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    Until recently, I commuted over Santa Susana Pass daily from Simi Valley to Woodland Hills. I wouldn't recommend Box Canyon unless you are very experienced and traffic is very light. Box Canyon is narrow with lots of limited view turns and a lot of drivers who cross the line and go fast.

    I would suggest taking the Pass road to Topanga Cyn. Depending on where you are going in Woodland Hills, you can stay on Topanga Cyn. or take one of several streets over to Valley Circle. Plummer and Roscoe are good choices.

    Granted, it may add a minor amount of time and distance but I think it makes up for it in safety.

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