For those going to Palermo airport, I thought I would share my recent experiences. The Ryanair flight gets in at 20.45 so by the time you are packed it is already dark. On leaving the arrivals hall, do not turn right. It leads you onto the autostrada. Instead, turn left and head towards the long-term car parks. As you approach the runway fence, you will see a street called in Italian Christopher Columbus street. Follow this as far as it goes. You will notice that the tarmac ends and there is a tunnel that goes under the autostrada. The tunnel is barred up but one side is open with enough space to get the bike through. Do not go through the tunnel. The express train will hit you as you leave the other side.Instead, turn left and ride over a patch of sandy ground which is very near the sea. There is a pack of dogs that have made this piece of land their own and have become very protective of it. Do not shout, swear, or make any other threating actions against these dogs as it tends to upset those people who live nearby. They phone the police. When they arrive, it is easy to see that they are police bucause they have a flashing blue light. If AC Milan are thrashing Man UTD there are usually in a good mood.
At the end of the piece of land, you will find another tunnel that will lead you to a railway station. I don't know the name because there were no lights. Cycle past the railway station and you will come to a junction that takes you west at least. Finding the tunnel,the piece of land, the dogs,etc is impossible in the light so I took the autostrada. Better still, let the train take the strain. Oh yes, just remember Sicilians hate it when they kill you and they feel terrible afterwards.