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    Help me select a bike

    I will very likely be going on my first bicycle tour in mid july, and on that tour I will be using my 1980's road bike; however, Im in the market for a new bike and it isnt something I just want to jump into. I have been eyeing the Independent Fabrications "independence" and was wondering if anyone had experiance with them. any gripes, however small? I know someone is going to sugest the LHT but im leaning in the direction of something more exotic.

    any other sugestions?

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    Go for it

    If you've got the green, go for it. IF is a quality company and the staff stands behind the work. You pay for he privilege of getting American built components, but that's not a bad thing if you can afford it. There are lots of other options -- Bruce Gordon, top-end Rivendell, Co-Motion.

    I've ridden custom, factory and boutique frames. If it speaks to you, go for it. One issue: you must ride before you buy. If IF can't put you in touch with an owner who can let you fondle the bike, you may want to go slow.

    Happy trails!

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