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    So we made it... Sort off...

    Hello again everyone!

    Angela and I have been touring for over one month now, with a few days of every now and then.

    Our pathway included ( rough outline ) :

    Barcelona -> Tremp -> Into France left of Andorra via Port de Bonaguia -> Toulouse -> Bordeaux -> La Rochelle -> Saint Nazaire -> Brest -> Roscoff

    Ferry to Ireland -> Rosslare -> Dublin...

    Now we are stuck here...

    Irelands weather is sucky right now, but this wouldnt stop us...

    The road conditions arent great, and the drivers on the country roads nearly ended our tour within an hour or two of cycling in Ireland.

    We are trying to find a route from Dublin to Belfast, so far three options, well two..

    Motorway.. yeah right.

    Carriageway.... seems the SAFEST option, which isnt great..

    And the backroads... which in my opinion are lethal, back roads are for the locals and the little boy racers... who think they KNOW the road..

    Were feeling a little miffed that we made it all this far, and wont be able to cycle it home. A friend we are staying with in Dublin thinks taking any of the option would end up in one of us getting killed...

    If we went straight to the west coast of Ireland, then North to Donegal, then Antrim coast it home.. possible.. but too expensive for us, as were short on cash, and campsites are more expensive.

    Were considering taking the train or bus back to Belfast, which is a pity really.

    For info on the rest of the tour, when i get home, ill sift through all the photos ive taken and angelas, and put something together if you lot are interested.

    This is/was our first ever bike tour, and we loved it, it was the best holiday we have ever had, and although difficult at times, it was well worth it, there is life lessons to be learnt on a tour i think. We will definatly do it again.

    We gotta thank this website, tonnes of help from you guys, and flicking through old threads, to find out things from the Brooks saddle, to how many spokes are required... all our info was found here...

    One thing, ive already mentioned before, , this website should go hand in hand with tourers. We have spent around 20 days + at coushsurfers houses, and we have been hosted in all sorts of conditions. We sailed a boat, slept on it, we had a surfer spend a day diving for scallops to cook us a nice meal, we stayed on an organic farm with people building an igloo out our earth to live in...

    Any tourers wanting to see the country and see some culture, use this website, youll come back and say the same thing....

    So ill be back in a few days i wreckon, let you know what we decided. Anyone thats done that route, or can find any Dublin Belfast route thats relatively safe, post here or email me or something, would be cool...


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    Check out Tzuo's new leg of his journey, he's riding through Ireland right now.

    This is the start of the journal you'd want to see for your route stuff.

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    Sorry to hear about maybe getting the train after having what seems to have been a great trip getting all the way from Barcelona

    I would be tempted to just go for it and follow the coast, up to Skerries and Carlingford Lough, Newry and then over the Mountains of Mourne

    whatever you choose have a good one , and good luck


    Reading Couchsurfing and Tzuo in this thread was strange as he has been a CS guest and has just left my place heading for London and Europe

    Here he is at my place
    Two amazing guys.......
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    Photos of present tour of South East Asia

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