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Thread: Pick my bike!

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    Pick my bike!

    I'm looking to do a 4 1/2 day mini tour of Long Island this weekend, starting in Shelton, CT, and using the Port Jeff Ferry. In an earlier thread, I discussed using the GT Timberline mtb w/slicks v. using a Spec Sequoia, and I am trying to decide which of the two to use for this trip. This will be a camping trip, so I will be using a BOB Yak to carry most of my gear. I've done a CC tour w/panniers, trunk bag, and handlebar bagusing the Sequoia, and a one day camping drip w/the timberline(using the BOB). Here is how the bikes are specced currently:

    52/42/30 crankset
    11-27 9-spd cassette
    36 spoke velocity deep Vs front and rear
    3 bottle cages
    handlebar bag
    700cX28 Spec Armadillo tires
    Pluses:light and fast in flats, more comfortable.
    Minuses--geared high for pulling a load, can only ride on pavement/hardpack

    44/34/22 crankset(It might be 32t for the middle gear)
    11-30+ 7spd cassette(I bought the bike used, but I know the cassette is at least 30t, if not more)
    26" 32 spoke front wheel, 36 spoke rear
    2 bottle cages
    26X1.25 Spec Bad boy slicks
    Pluses: Very short gearing for hills, can ride in marginal conditions even w/slicks, excellent brakes
    Minuses: Not as comfortable on long trips, gearing is too low for even marginal descents, doesn't coast very well, aerodynamics suck.

    If I was riding mainly in CT, I would probably stick with the Timberline, simply because the bike will let me climb just about anything. However, I'll be riding mainly in LI, so except for the first and last twenty miles, I'll be riding mainly paved, flat roads where wind will be my main enemy, so I'm a bit torn about which bike to ride. Thoughts?
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    30/27 is pretty high... I'd go with the mountain bike.

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    Either should be fine. If there were more hills I'd take the mountain bike. Since there aren't I'd say it's a toss up.

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    You could invest $20-$30 and buy a 26 or 28 tooth small ring for the Sequoia. Or even maybe consider this:

    assuming you have a square tape bb and can install a crank yourself. A 48-38-28 Nexus crank for $15 isn't bad -add in a 10% coupon and you're probably talking less than $20 for it anyway.

    Since you said fairly flat, I'd be slightly inclined to go with the Sequoia (or am I only saying this to balance the opinion so far and give you a hard time?!), but I'd think either could do.

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